Other Programs

All of these services can be accessed by sending an email to shepshares@gmail.com

Coaching Support

A crisis in our lives takes many forms and presents many challenges to us as we seek to make the necessary changes to survive and even thrive in the middle of chaos.  If you would like FREE help figuring out what changes you should make in your life you may explore working with a certified Life Coach.


If you are struggling with any form of addiction, Recovery Coaches are available to help you set your goals and move toward the life you envision for yourself.


No matter what changes you make in your life, you can find help here:




Angel Shoppers

To participate, please fill out the linked form at the bottom of this page once you have carefully read the information below. We will have a volunteer call once they have been paired with you!


We are a volunteer DELIVERY service, not a PURCHASING service, so we do not purchase groceries for clients, we do the shopping and check out with your payment method. We encourage our volunteers to work directly with the client to setup electronic payment and/or work through payment options. 

Tips - We encourage tipping our volunteers. They are local residents who have lost their jobs as a result of the Covid-19 crisis

Liability Notice - Angel Shoppers of Shepherdstown is a grass roots effort of Shepherdstown residents such as yourself. We are not liable for any injury or damage of any kind including but not limited to damage to personal items as a result of volunteering for or receiving services from this program. Participating in this program means you accept full liability and responsibility for any problems, miscommunication, damages, or harm that arise. 

Book Drive

Shepherdstown Shares is distributing kid’s books to three groups of needy children in the Shepherdstown area. All of the children who are eligible for free school meals will receive at least one book of their very own. If we have enough, we will try to be more generous. We’re also donating books to all the children whose parents are in addiction recovery through the Day Report Center. Finally, we are giving books suitable for all ages to Empowerment for their women’s shelter.

To give, just drop your books off on the porch of 104 W. High Street, and we will do the rest.