About Us

Shepherdstown Shares was formed by the Shepherdstown Visitors Center, the Shepherdstown Community Club, and the Shepherdstown Lions Club to feed federal employees and contractors and Shepherdstown service workers during the government shutdown of 2018-19.


In February of 2020, it was clear that COVID-19 was going to be more dangerous and less predictable than the shutdown, and that it would last much longer. As individuals, we reorganized and widened our circle to include more of the generous, creative, and hard-working people of our area. Shepherdstown Shares is now a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity.

Our Mission

Our Board

President:  Marianne Davis is the former Director of the Shepherdstown Visitors Center before which she was retired, bored, and unpleasant. She retired from BofA Securities (then, Bank of America Merrill Lynch) where she served as Managing Director of U.S. Government Securities Trading.

Vice President:  Kerry Preble Godfrey is a founding member of Shares, as well as a board member of Caring Cupboard. She and her family are active in other civic and charitable organizations.

Board Member:  James Gatz has broad experience in policy development in the areas of community and economic development and services for needy families and children.  He also serves as Shepherdstown's appointee to the Jefferson County Development Authority.

Board Member:  Jan Hafer is Shares' liaison with the Ministerial Association and other groups. She is a former Director and President of the Board of the Shepherdstown Visitors Center and is co-owner of Evolve Shepherdstown. Dr. Hafer is a former professor of education at Gallaudet University. 

Board Member: Mary Beth Kilmer is the coordinator of our Work for Workers program and a tireless volunteer in the pantry. She is a long-time Shepherdstown fixture particularly well known for her leadership role at the Blue Moon Café. 

Treasurer:  Mark Kohut monitors and controls our finances, assuring that we comply with relevant regulations and spend our donors' money as responsibly and effectively. He also runs our Kids' Books Program acts as our liaison with the Jefferson County Health Department. He came to Shepherdstown after a long career in publishing in New York and

has been an activist since his arrival.

Board Member: Cari Overduin Simon is the coordinator of Shepherdstown Shares' free pantry. She was a volunteer for Shares during the government shutdown, and is active in Shepherdstown Presbyterian Church's social action programs.


Shepherdstown Shares exists to respond to any crisis that threatens the

lives, vitality, and prosperity of the Shepherdstown community.


Within the limits of our resources, we serve anyone in the zip code.