Food Support

Our chief concern in any crisis is to make certain we can feed one another. Shepherdstown Shares is feeding our neighbors in a couple of ways.

First, if you and your family are having a hard time affording groceries, contact us at to apply to become part of our grocery store e-card program.

Second, through the generosity of our partners at LellyBelle Community Café, we have a free grocery pantry there.


Check out LellyBelle's facebook page and story


Much of the pantry produce comes from our partners at Shepherd University’s all-organic and sustainable Tabler Farm. Lellybelle Café also offers a free meal to people in trouble. If you don’t need help, you can offer it. Buy an extra loaf of bread or a pack of tampons or ten pounds of onions instead of five. Our pantry users will be grateful.


Of course, Shepherdstown Shares is also grateful for your financial support and your time. Please GIVE HERE.

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