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Worker Interest Form

Are you looking for temporary work that can be performed according to the WV stay-at-home order? We can put you in touch with local businesses and residents who need general chores, lawn care, landscaping, garden prep or other NO CONTACT work done.

You can use this form to post your availability for temporary work (please submit only one per person). We’ll put you in touch with people who post with work available and you can discuss arrangements directly (the W-F-W program is just a managed message posting forum, not an employment or contracting coordinating service).

Please note that we will be sharing only projects that are consistent with the WV stay-at-home order (click here for details) and which:

  • can be performed by a single individual

  • do not require any contact with others (including any contact of shared surfaces, tools, materials, etc.).

Fields marked with an * are required

Thanks for submitting!

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