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Shepherdstown Shares

a response the needs of our commmunity

Artists and artisans help make Shepherdstown vibrant and engaging, but they are particularly hard hit by COVID-19. Shares has placed 10 benches, built locally and painted by community artists envisioning the theme "The Spirit of Shepherdstown." 

Only one bench is still available for sponsorship.

Shepherdstown Shares has opened a free pantry!

If you are struggling with unemployment or


please let us help you.

The pantry is available to anyone living in the zip code 25443 or laid off from

a job in 25443 because

of COVID-19.

Life and Recovery Coaching  

Are you feeling stuck? Having a hard time making good choices? Free help is available to all.

Therapy Sessions
Our Mission

Shepherdstown Shares exists to respond

to a variety of needs in the Shepherdstown community.


We serve anyone in the zip code 25443

and often beyond.


Struggling to understand the latest government programs?

Have advice to pass

along to others?

Let us help.

What a kind approach to such a disheartening problem.
— Paula, Resident


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1.  Can you help me pay my rent or mortgage? 

We wish we could, but our resources are too limited. We can, though, help you with groceries from our free pantry so you can use your own resources to stay in your home.


2.  Can you help me find a job?

No, we don’t have an employment agency.

3.  What kind of volunteer work could I do?

Volunteers may choose to work in our free pantry; to pick up or deliver groceries; to help with grant writing; to correspond with donors; to plan fundraising projects and the list goes on. We have other programs from time to time like clothing and book collection, sorting, and distribution. Tell us something about yourself and we’ll find a way for you to help!


4.  Why should I give to Shepherdstown Shares instead of another charity fighting COVID-19?

We coordinate with a number of groups working hard during this crisis, including WV EP Mask Effort, Shepherd University, Jefferson County Community Ministries, Kidz Power Packz, local churches, and several others. Helping any charity now helps all charities by putting a dent in the need. If you think we are doing important work effectively, please consider donating to us.


5.  Can I still apply for food help?

Yes, if you live in the 25443 zip code, or if Covid-19 led to your losing your job in 25443. We just need a little information about you and your family. Please visit our Food Support page.


6.  Why will you only help people in the Shepherdstown zip code instead of everybody like during the shutdown?

The COVID-19 crisis is very different from the shutdown. Many of our most generous donors in 2018 are facing terrible financial challenges now. Our Board of Directors made a tough choice between offering a few benefits to thousands or offering many benefits to hundreds in need. But, we stay in touch with other countywide, regional, and national charities and refer people to them.


7.  What will Shepherdstown Shares do if we get a vaccine or cure for COVID-19?

First, we’ll all shout joyful thanks. to this crisis.When it is available to us we will line up to get it so we can be part of the long-term solution But, the economic damage being done now is even more profound than that of the 2008 financial upheaval and the Great Recession that followed.  So, we expect we will be hard at work for a year or two of recovery. 


8.  Why is Shepherdstown Shares doing this work? Where are the town and the county?

Speed, experience, and organization are critical in a crisis. Shepherdstown Shares was able to move quickly with a small group of decision-makers who know and trust one another, a clear list of immediate priorities, the skills to implement them, and the wherewithal to kickstart the efforts until this generous community chipped in as

it has. The Corporation of Shepherdstown and Jefferson County have had to conduct all their usual activities of police, fire, water, sewer, and public works with less tax revenue coming in.

9. What are you doing with the personal information I give you? Will you report me to the government?

We take your information to make sure you live or worked in Shepherdstown; to be able to contact you in the future; to find out what help or referrals you need from us; and to keep track of any dietary restrictions or food allergies. We use our total numbers of people we have helped to ask for donations and apply for grants. We do not report personal information to anyone else -- not the police, not ICE, not the IRS, not any other charity.

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