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Work for Workers

Do you need exterior carpentry, painting, lawn care, landscaping, garden prep or other NO CONTACT work done at your home or business?


We can put you in touch with reliable and known Shepherdstown workers with those skills. Get needed work done and help compensate a laid-off worker at the

same time!

Please use the OFFER OF WORK FORM below

to post an offer of work.

Submit a separate form for each project or job.

We request that you post only projects that are consistent with the WV stay-at-home order (click here for details)

and which (1) can be performed by a single individual
and (2) do not require any contact with others (including any  contact of shared surfaces, tools, materials, etc.).


If you receive the contact information of any individual via this service, it will be up to you to contact that individual to arrange the terms of employment, tasks, compensation, and schedule for the project.

Thank you for supporting our workers!

If you are interested in being a worker, please use the WORKER INTEREST FORM below to apply to be on our

team of Workers.

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